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Trang Map.
Trang Map.

Trang Information Page

While the name "Trang" is not yet well explained and the origin of the word is unknown, the life of Trang has continued being warm and lively in every aspected. That is to say, the town has grown rapidly in economy, society, education, governments, and also in culture and art. People in both the town itself and in the surrounding districts participate in some important activities-festivals and fair.

If you are a tourist coming to Trang, This page and its related pages give you all the information about Trang. Check "When to Visit" page to see when the best time to come to Trang.  

Trang Town Map
Trang Town Map

Don't know how to come to Trang, go to "How to Get There" page. "Getting Around" tells you how to get around in Trang, once you get there. Check out our "What to do" page for a to-do list for a serious tourists. Tons of traveller's destination in Trang can be found in "Places to See" page while "Where to stay" page give information on accommodations in Trang.  

And if you want to buy some souvenier for friends or family, "Things to buy" page can definitely help you.

This page is a starting point of information about Trang. If you can not find anything in here, please send mail to

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