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Trang is noted as a town rich of food. The cuisine in Trang is deliciously different from other parts of Thailand, a blending of Thai, Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences. Good foods is, naturally, a major highlight, to be enjoyed in hotels, restaurants, and open-air cafes around the town. It's a shame we still see a lot of tourists eating Hot Dog in front of 7-eleven in Trang. This new section is to help you get what you deserve in the town of appetising food. Don't miss Trang style breakfast in any Ko Pii (Coffee) Shops. Also try out local and chinese dishes in several restaurants in town.

Dim Sum - Trang's breakfast
Dim Sum - Trang's breakfast

 Ko Pii Shops

  •  Ko Teng - Rama 6 Rd. (opposite Trang Tourist Office) - the most famous hotel among backpackers, the owner is very nice. Its Ko Pii shop style restaurant in the front serves several noodle and rice dishes and also egg-and-toast breakfast. (Rec. Chicken Curry with Rice)
  • Ton Noon Dim Sum - 202 Pad Sathani Rd and 122 Pattalung Rd. - one of the best Dim Sum in town.
  • Sin O Cha - Right of the railway station, one of the best coffee in town. Formerly "Sin Jiaw", it was renovated a few year ago into a modern Ko Pii Shop. If you get to Trang by train, here is a convenience place to take a breath before heading to explore Trang.
  • Sri-Trang Bakery - 121 Pattalung Rd. near the city hall. Coffee, drinks, Thai food. (Rec. Pum-pui Fried Rice)


Ko Pii Shop

Try the typical Trang "Dim Sum"- many very small  delicious dishes,  you pay only what you did eat. Both the top shops for coffee (Ko Pii; Hokkien word) and the less popular ones, lie on every road, and also a combination of noodles and many rice dishes. The most popular aspect is that a drink of Ko Pii is always accommanied with many delicious Dim Sum filling the table- all of which are carefully prepared from traditional recipe which are completely different from others. The time for Dim Sum is early in the morning, late afternoon and midnight. One of the famous Ko Pii shop is "Ton Noon Dim Sum" at 202 Pad Sathani Rd and 122 Pattalung Rd.

Typical dishes you will find in Ko Pii Shops:

Paa-thong-ko - fried sweet pastry
Salapao - Chinese bun
Kanom Jiip - dumplings
Muu Yaang - Trang-style Roast Pork
Jok - thick Chinese rice soup

When you order coffee in these Ko-Pii Shops, be sure to use the Hokkian word Ko-Pii rather than the Thai Ka-fae, otherwise you may end up with Nescafe'. 

Coffee is usually served with milk and sugar - ask for Ko-Pii Dam for sweetened black coffee or Ko-Pii dam, mai sai naam-taan for black coffee without sugar

Thai & Chinese 

  • Tammanoon Restaurant - 111-3 Wien Krapung Park Rd. A 25 years old restaurant. Serves Thai/Chinese foods in the garden-setting dining area.(Rec. Streamed Sea Bass in Lemon Sauce, Tammanoon Soup)
  • Suwimol Restaurant - Next door to Thammanoon Rest. Take a walk and a drink in the park and afterward dinner. (Rec. Fried Fish with mango  dipping)
  • Nam Mui - 130/1-4 Rama 6 Rd. near clock tower, opposite Ko Teng. not the hall in the front, but the garden at the back is nice to sit and enjoy the good Chinese food. (Rec. Roasted Duck)
  • Kanok Restaurant - 31/1 Huay Yod Rd. Natural surround or air-con. (Rec. Garlic Oyster, Coconut Milk Prawn)
  • Sidewalk Restaurant (Khao Tom Phui) - Rama 6 Rd. 2 blocks from the railway station. Serves several Thai/Chinese standard dishes on the sidewalk. (Rec. Tom-Yum-Koong, Sea Bass in Red Sauce).


  • Trok-Pla Seafood - Soi Trok-Pla Rama 6 Rd. Fresh seafood. Popular in Trang. (Rec. Streamed Curry Fish in Banana Leaves)
  • Lay Trang Seafood Restaurant - at Lay Trang Resort on Pak Meng Beach. Serve you with the fresh seafood direct from the nearby Pak Meng Pier. (Rec. Streamed Sea Bass in Lemon Sauce).
  • Rim Nam (Riverside) Restaurant - 97 Ratsada Rd. Kantang. Very nice setting and good atmosphere in the Trang River.


  • Muslim Restaurant - Rama 6 Rd. opposite Thumrin Hotel, near the railway station. Serves inexpensive roti, curries, and rice.
  • Mustafa - Near the train station. Serves inexpensive Malay style curries, Roti and Martabak.


  • 64/28 Rama 6 rd. Soi 2
  • 20/8 Taklang rd. (Opp. Taklang market) 

Cafe, Bar, Disco

  • Kaffa - Very popular meeting point cafe' in Trang.
  • Wunderbar - Near the railway station. German/Thai ownership. Good western and Thai food. Lots of good cheese and Pizza. Good seelction of German magazines and also Bangkok Post.
  • Karaoke - Trang Plaza Hotel
  • Saxophone - Pitak Rd. Live music, busy.
  • Funky and Hollywood - discotheques!

Night Market 

  • Recently centralised at the back of the cityhall. Good food, big choice!

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