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Terms & Conditions

How to make the reservation : -

Please note that the reservation should be made at least  14 days prior arrival.

1.  Select your destination and hotels from the list and fill in all the information
     - make sure that your e-mail address is correctly (important)
     - to have the backup e-mail address (if have)
     - check-in date (important)
     - your nationality (important)
     - your name (if no name or unnamed you will not receive the reply e-mail)
2. After sending your reservation form, you should receive an auto response in your mail box and within 24 hours you should receive room vacancy confirmed mail for your requested hotel. If not
     - Incorrect of your e-mail address
     - Your mail server failure or ours
     - Our company holiday or public holiday (see detail: Company's holiday & public holidays)
     - Waiting for the hotels new contract rate.
3.  After receiving our mail, just sent us the confirmation e-mail .
4.  When we received your confirmation e-mail, we will contact the hotel for your requested period.( Subject for room vacancy can be changed due to the time received the confirmation e-mail.)
     - if the hotel is occupied  on your requested period we will inform you whether if you still need our services
     - if the hotel can confirm your reservation on the requested period we will
5. Send you the confirmation e-mail. Meanwhile our Payment Gateway will send you the invoice and payment form to fill in
     - the payment form is specially made for each customer with his or her personal reservation details
     - the form is protected by SSL protocol system
     - the name of the reservation person has to be the same with the credit card holder
     - note that there will be a dateline for the payment (depending on the period of time) , but the form have to be fill and sent to us on the set time otherwise your reservation will be cancel

The cancellation policy: -

1. Cancellation should be informed to us by e-mail 7 days before the check-in date.
    - the refund will be transfer back to your credit card with 10 % deduction of the total sum
    - to save your 5 % deduction you could ask us to keep your total sum in credit for your next trip, but not more than one year
2. Cancellation less than 7 days of your check-in date
    - one night charge of the total night will be charge; the rest of the payment will be transfer  back to your credit card with 10 % deduction of the total sum
3. No show
    -   incase that no information has been inform to us by e-mail no refund will be made at all

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